Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Clueless and a little embarrassed

Okay, so we have been making a little Evans' Family ABC book to help the kids learn their alphabet. And I am actually really surprised by how well it is working. Katie now knows about 90% of the letters that we have done. She has some trouble with B and D but we will get better at it.
So on to my problem I am using this scrapbook to make the book and we are on to letter R and have ran out of space. I have never had to insert extra pages before and can't figure out how to get the screws or whatever they are out. So if anyone knows how to do it, it would be great if you could help...so that way katie doesn't think there are only 18 letters in the alphabet!

Also if anyone has any ideas for the letter X send them my way...trying to think of something other than x ray or xylophone.