Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let's Recap

Okay so here is what happened over the last week or so. A lady in my ward was going down to Utah and asked Scott if I wanted to go from Thursday until Tuesday. So of course he said yes. There turned out to be so much going on while I was down in Utah. We will let the pictures do the talking.
Got to Utah Thursday and went to a park with all of the kids.
Friday, went to Scott's cousins wedding luncheon then hit the ball field for a little bit of batting practice.
Decided to cut my hair and chopped about 4-5 inches Saturday morning...thanks jody!
Went to Scott's cousins wedding Saturday morning. Saw Elder Perry in the temple.
David and Karin right after the wedding.
I can't post what happened over the week without showing a picture of what it was like at the Evans' home. Babies galore. They had SO much fun together!
Well Saturday night was the yearly friend get together for all of Scott's high school friends and spouses. It was a lot of fun. It took me forever to get Katie out of the pool!
Saturday night Kimi came and stayed the night then when to church with us on Sunday.
Monday was a hang out day and we headed back home for the long car ride on Tuesday.
And this is what I came home to...
4 dozen roses scattered at my feet.
a clean house
more flower petals
Scott was still at work by the way
And a new iPod nano and some fun gifts...and a really LONG letter
But wait there is more, when I was walking up the stairs I started to hear music playing. The computer was playing the slideshow of our wedding. It was the perfect end to our long busy trip!
Talk about a great homecoming!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rounding up the Evans'

This last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to head down to Utah and be in the Salt Lake Temple for Isaac's sealing. It is now official that all of Bob and Diane's children are theirs for eternity. It was a great little trip. It is always hard to go and come home so quickly. But it is better than nothing.
I mostly feel bad for Katie because she gets used to being so free, maybe a little too free as you can tell by the little head wound. Then we come home to our condo and she feels trapped.

I finally got a good picture of our little sweethearts. They really do always play that well together.
Our little family
Scott's brother Isaac that was sealed.
All of Bob and Diane's grandkids...well there is one more but little girl Evans' isn't coming until September (Mark and Jody's baby)
Katie had a tumble off of the firepit...she also fell down the hole in the trampoline, but went unscathed with that one.