Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Joys of being a mom

So yesterday was one of those days when it seemed like both of the kids were crying at the same time all day long and everything was just frustrating me. Then there are days like today where they are just laughing and smiling all of the time. I came upstairs to put the pictures on the computer and couldn't help but think just how blessed I am to have the family that I do. I am so grateful that Scott's job allows me to stay home and be with them...through the good...and the bad. Here is what we did last week.

Paul got in the bathtub with his big sister for the first time. I think it might still be a little early for the big tub because he was sliding all over the place...but we got through the bath without any mis-haps.
Katie was loving it just like always.

Monday we went to the Special Olympics invitational Games opening ceremony and the one thing that I wanted to see we didn't get to because all of the kids got I watched the torch light at home on the news that night. It was really fun to get out of the house though.

This is walking to the car after the ceremony with Jamie and Ella. Scott ended up running ahead and getting the car before we even got halfway to it...the girls love to take it nice and slow. The two of them were so cute though, they wouldn't let go of eachother.

Poor Paul, I wasn't even burping him. And all of the was funny. He didn't think so :(

So all in all the good far out weighs the bad and you just have to love how you don't know what is going to happen next.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Daddy knows best

This last sunday Scott and I were sitting in the living room playing with the kids...well one of us was doing a better job than the other. For some reason I think that dads are better at getting the kids to laugh/smile whatever. I spend all day long with Katie and Paul trying to keep them happy and the second Scott comes in the door they go crazy with laughter and happiness. I wonder what it is. These pictures are proof of the phenomenon. Whatever it takes to keep them happy I guess. I just wish I could get the little one to smile for me. The only time that I have been able to get Paul to smile is after he is well fed and sound asleep, crazy I know but true.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random Thoughts

So first off...Katie finally let me french braid her hair. It looked pretty good until we went outside and the wind got to it. It's funny because the front of her hair is so much shorter than the back. So from the front you couldn't even tell it was done, thus the reason for the picture of the back of her head. I wonder why the heck babies hair grow like mullets but I guess there is really nothing you can do about it but cut it off, or in our case put it up in pigtails everyday so people can't tell.

Who does he look like? I thought at first that Paul looked like Katie but I don't think so by these two pictures. So you will all have to give your input.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mommy number 2

I just loved this picture. It has nothing to do with the post but take a look at my boys!

Katie has been such a little trooper ever since Paul was born. She has adapted very well to having the little guy around...almost too well. Don't get me wrong she has her moments when she will slap him in the face or what not but for the most part she is a better mom than I am. Every time Paul makes a sound she runs over to him to give him a kiss. And every time he wakes up she runs over and grabs me one of his diapers (that's right she has figured out the difference in sizes) and she won't let me do anything until his diaper is changed. She has even found a way to help with feeding him. She will sit right next to me and hold his head in place so he can eat. In a couple of the pictures you will notice that she won't let me hold him either. Tonight was especially difficult. She was sitting on the couch holding him for about 5-10 minutes and all he wanted to do was sleep. So I either had Katie crying because she couldn't hold Paul or Paul crying because he couldn't take his nap. It has been so fun to she her innate maternal instinct. I love being the mother of two.

Katie holding Paul

Katie to the rescue
Our chiller son!

Friday, February 1, 2008

We love Grandma

For the last week and a half my mom got to stay with us and help with my recovery. It was so nice to be able to be the daughter again rather than the mother all of the time. She made my bed every morning, did 11 loads of laundry in a week and had my house spotless every night. I am so grateful that my mom was willing to drop everything and come to my rescue. Katie loved having her here and I was very grateful that mom hadn't totally adjusted to waking up to Idaho time but instead was up every morning at 6ish with her Granddaughter playing the Wii. Now for those of you who know my mother we were unable to have nintendo games because she was against them....BUT while she was here she loved playing it. I might even say that she was rather addicted to it. :) Anyway, thank you mom for everything, we LOVED having you and miss you already!