Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Thanks Brian for the title.

Jazz 117
Warriors 96

Two words:


How's that for long?

Monday, October 29, 2007

A Tradition Continues...

Growing up in the Adamson family we would make little gingerbread houses (graham cracker houses to be more precise) every Halloween and give them out to neighbors or eat them or whatever the Monday before Halloween. Well we decided that it would be fun to continue doing that. So this afternoon we started and Scott was doing so well, about an hour went by and he had to get ready to go to a meeting at work so the houses were put on hold...by the time Scott got back home and I started working on my house again Scott refused....so his only ended up half done. He did however, take some very cool pictures of my house. A couple of which are at the top of the post. Side note...that picture reminds me of a camping post on Brian and Natalie's blog when Natalie said that Kyrie would easily have been Hansel and Gretel if she didn't watch her like a hawk. This must have been the candy house she was looking for. I thought it was funny. So anyway we have one and a half finished gingerbread houses and we are going to take them to a couple families in our ward. Katie and I will have to put some extra candy on Scott's but after it all I had fun and really isn't that all that matters?

Our plethera of Candy...
Scott's eager beginnings....

Working on my house
Katie wasn't too excited about anything except the graham crackers...I tried to give her candy but she kept throwing it on the floor. She is definitely not my daughter...she'll take popcorn any day though...must be Scott's.
Scott's halfway point....and final product I guess.

My final product...minus an extra tree and a few more reeses pieces.

Go Jazz....for all you guys that don't like the baby posts and the cheezy things that I write.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogging for the sake of blogging

After I finished my previous masterpiece I began to think about blogging. But then I stopped and began reading comments to the last post I made. It's amazing the comments that roll out of the woodwork when you began to talk about the Jazz...and then continue to talk about the Jazz making people wonder, 'Why in the world am I still reading this post? I lost interest a long time ago because I'm not the biggest Jazz fan, but alas, I continue reading. Am I reading because the writing is so engaging? Or is it a train wreck and I am rubbernecking through the entire thing.'

Well people you have your reasons for reading and I have my reasons for writing. Sometimes I write so I am the only one entertained. Other times I write hoping to entertain other people. Hopefully regardless of the reason I wrote, and regardless of the reason you read, you and I both learn something.

Well, you read this whole thing (be grateful it wasn't too long) thinking I was going to go somewhere profound, but you were wrong. I was in the mood to write, and as I write this I am chuckling inside because you were hoping something good was going to come of this post, but instead I have just wasted your time. Or maybe I haven't. But again, you probably sit and say to yourself, 'He didn't waste my time.' If that is your claim then tell me what you learned? If you say, 'I learned never to read Scott's posts again,' then you would be missing out, because both you and I never know when a great blog post comes along. So happy reading. Don't worry, I am not conceded, I am just sitting at the computer writing whatever comes into my head. I suppose it is an exercise in free-writing. A cleansing of the brain if you will.

So to go full circle, this is Blogging for the sake of blogging.

Tiffany is lying in bed trying to go to sleep, and I wanted her to proof read this post before I clicked the PUBLISH POST button. Stumbling over the words I read to her what I wrote. I finished reading and realized I wasn't finished writing.

Also, I realized there wasn't a Jazz picture in this post. Now not every post I make will include a Jazz picture, because that will for sure get old. But since Ronnie Brewer is playing well, and he and his fellow Jazz-men rolled over the Laker's earlier tonight, like my pregnant wife's belly rolls when our baby son wiggles, I figured a picture of him wouldn't cause too much public outcry.

Personal? You want me to say something serious, and mean it? Well, I suppose I could. Since coming to Boise you have only heard from Tiffany on our blog. After all, the blog is titled Scott & Tiffany Evans, so I figure I had better contribute.

Working at Channel 7 is a great learning opportunity for me. I am surrounded by talented and able journalists. You know, as I write this, I am getting bored with talking about myself. I know I got out barely two sentences, but I wasn't having fun writing. I wasn't enjoying myself. Writing is about enjoying yourself, hopefully everything we do is somehow giving us enjoyment.

I am not saying we need to follow the desires of the flesh and adhere to every thought that enters our minds, but hopefully, we are doing something we enjoy, and if we enjoy it, then we should do more of it. That is why I love my job. Everyday is something new. Everyday I get to meet someone new. Everyday I learn something new. Now ask me what story I did today. You really want to know? Well, I did a story on the...optional sales tax and using it to attack a transportation deficit. Now before I cater to your thoughts about how boring that sounds, let me say, it took me a moment to actually remember what my story was on. Yes, it was more boring than I would have liked, and yes, some were confused about the story once I was done telling it. To be honest, I was a little confused and raised my own eyebrows at times. But my point is, I love my job. I don't remember what I do on a daily basis, but I love doing it. Every day is a one night stand. I do the best I can with it, then I file it away and move on to the next story of the day. The news that people want to hear.

Well, it's late, and my sleep as of late has suffered. So good night and for all those who speak French or have to read Jacob, Adieu. (So much for full circle) :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jazz Training Camp Scrimmage

I apologize to one and all for delaying this post. Many of you already know I had the chance to meet and interview many of the members of the Utah Jazz, the best NBA team in the land (for the critics out there, this isn't based on the number of rings).

Every year the Jazz hold their training camp in Boise at Taco Bell Arena at Boise State University. I found out about this, or at least remembered this about a week before they came. Since I am now in the news business, I can have media access to events, killer deal. I put in the request to go and cover them, but due to the fact I am a reporter, and not a sports reporter many thought I was trying to get out of work, and many were right. But I pushed, nagged, bugged, you name it I did it, and finally our Sports Director got in a jam and needed someone to go to the scrimmage on the last day of camp. He said KSL in Salt Lake needed interviews and wanted me to go. I took hours deciding if this was the right opportunity for me. Yeah right, I called my wife to see if it was okay with her because it was on a Saturday morning when I am normally home. She is a good wife and realized how important this was to me...she let me go.

I went, and I sat on the court where the photographers normally sit during the game. As I look back on it now, I was the only one sitting on the floor with around 500 people in the stands, it probably looked weird, but I don't care. I was close and they weren't. Before I sat down I looked to my left and saw a man I recognized. Some of you might know him as Coach Sloan, but I just call him Jerry. I went over and introduced myself and told him I was a lifelong Jazz fan, even a couple of years ago when they couldn't buy a win. Again, a joke, he would have killed me to death if I had said that. I did feel like a little kid, but I wasn't I was an adult, an unbiased journalist admitting my affection for a sports team. I felt awkward, so I began to justify. "It probably doesn't mean too much to you to hear that." He said, "Yes it does. It's always good to meet a fan." He has the paws the size of ... well, let's just say he wears big gloves.

Feeling really stupid now I sat down cross-legged on the court under the hoop to the left if you reference the picture above. Jerry, (Coach Sloan to strangers) called the team in to divide them up into teams. Everyone was there except for Mr. Carlos Boozer who was with his family in Florida. Now these players are big. On TV they don't look that big because they're all big. Now don't get me wrong I have met few people who are bigger than me, but for me to say these guys are big is definitely saying something. AK47 is skinny on TV right? Well in person I wouldn't consider him boney or small, he just isn't thick and buff.

So the scrimmage began and Paul Millsap (My ex-boy. I'll explain later) had the first seven points for his team. Things weren't really crisp or smooth. The veterans were coaching the newbies where they were supposed to be on certain plays, but it was fun to watch them. AK had a great game, tossing lobs to Millsap. Ronnie Price had a great game but that is relative because no one played that much, and they only had two quarters 10 min each. They played one quarter then did some shooting drills then played another quarter with some of the teams switched.

While everyone was playing there were two who weren't.

Mr. Matt Harpring and Jarron Collins were riding bikes behind me. Being the great reporter I am, I uncrossed my legs and stood up and walked over to them and asked them if they were playing today. My good friend Matt responded first, "Does it look like it?" I said, "Nope." He said, "Well, there you go." Some friend he is. I tucked my tail between my legs, turned around and began to walk back to my spot on the court. J-dawg Collins spoke up and said, "Matt has a subtly problem." I then stopped and M-dawg (We were friends again) laughed. I asked them what injuries they had, and M-dawg said J-dawg (Not to be confused with the hot dog J-dawg's) had an ingrown toenail. J-dawg said M-dawg stubbed his toe. I then chimed in, wanting to get on M-dawg's good side said, "I heard J-dawg bit his tongue and is out for 3-6 weeks." They both laughed. Being the great comedian I am, I realized now was the time to make my exit while I was on top, leaving them begging for more...I sat back down, crossed my legs on the side of the court and watched the game.

I assume there are some of you, like my wife, who are getting bored with all the incredible details and the engaging writing, so I will make this long story short.

Psych! Not! Cha! If you don't like what you're reading you can skim it or just look at the pictures if you can't read. THIS post is for Jazz lovers and Scott lovers and if you love both of us, then you are my target audience.

My wife has been sitting next to me and inspired that last comment. She just said to me, "Holy cow! How much more are you going to write? So much for reporters keeping what they have to say short and to the point." I then, with my quick wit, said, "That is true, but every once and awhile there is a book that needs to be written.

So here is that book. Just be happy this is a picture book.

With all those side comments and distractions I just became tired of writing, (My wife laughs) so I am going to write the highlights and post some pictures.

After the game I interviewed Ronnie Price. He was cool. I liked him a lot. Really down to earth guy who seemed to be really happy to be playing for Jerry and with the other members of the Jazz. I also interviewed Ronnie Brewer. He was cool as well. I asked him how camp was. He said, "My legs are tired. Jerry Sloan Training Camp is tough, I'm glad it's over." I tried to interview Deron Williams, but he pretty much blew me off to sign stupid slips of paper for stupid fans. (I'm not bitter, he just lost his invitation to the sleep-over) I ran into CJ Miles. I didn't interview him, but we talked. He was really cool. I liked talking to him a lot. He just seemed like another brotha. (For all of you who think, 'He can't say that he isn't black,' think again. I have one black sibling, and a second on the way. If that doesn't make me black, I don't know what would.) We just talked about the 2-guard spot, and if he thinks he has a chance. I told him I like watching him play, he's flashy and just fun to watch.

As some of you may recall, I had a dream during last season about Paul Millsap. My dream went a lot like how my meeting of Jerry went earlier in this book/post. The big difference was, he is (now was) my favorite player on the Jazz. I expressed to him my feelings towards how he plays the game. He was flattered. And that was about it. So the whole day I wanted to meet him (like a teen-age boy telling a girl he thinks their cute) he is my favorite player in the NBA. I thought that would be a big deal to a guy who is only beginning his second year in the league.

Sorry the picture is blurry.

He finished signing his autograph, turned around and handed him a sheet of paper to sign. (Yes I got autographs of about 8 players, and yes, I know that's gay.) He writes left handed, and really took his time, wanting to make it nice. Time really didn't increase the appearance of his siggy. CJ later made fun of it and we joked around about that, but I digress to a conversation with my boy. :) I told Paul he was my favorite player and he said, "dkfjsajfflkj." Who in the world mumbles when another grown man, and in this case his elder (he was born Feb. 10, 1985), tells him he is their favorite player. That is why he is my ex-favorite, and CJ now bumped up from off the radar to number one.

CJ is on the right and Ronnie Brewer is on the left.

All in all, it was a great day. I loved it. I also interviewed Okur, he was cool, but nothing great. I hope you enjoyed your time reading about the Jazz. If you weren't on a magic or some kind of special carpet while reading this, you had better find one and start over. It really enhances your reading if you do.

Here are some other pictures of AK and others. If they are blurry I apologize. Since our camera got stolen in Utah I took these pictures with my iPhone.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall Time Fun!

After we got back from the grocery store this week Scott had some fun with Katie in the leaves.
The funny thing was that all of the leaves were on the tree, don't worry he took care of it :0)
I don't know what I am going to do when it gets cold outside because our whole day will be shot. We spend hours outside right now because Katie hates being inside all day long. Hopefully I will figure out how to keep her occupied.

BABY UPDATE: I have had multiple requests for a picture of my belly. I don't know why, usually I stay out of the pictures so I don't have the pregnant ones, but here you go. I am now 28 weeks pregnant! The three months left mark was on the 12th. That's if he is on time :0) I have decided to think that he is going to be late rather than how I thought Katie would be three weeks early. I figure that will be better for my sanity. Scott said I don't look very big, but I look pretty pregnant I think...you will have to share your opinion. When it comes to our little boy we are having a hard time deciding on names but we have a few that we like, you can tell us what you think...we like Caleb Thomas, Conner Blaine, Paul Thomas (after Scott and his Twin...the funny thing with this name is that it literally means Small Twin) ummm...we like James maybe for a middle name or first. It is just weird not knowing what to call him because we always knew with Katie. Other news, he's in my ribs all the time just like Katie was but I now get to experience his hiccups almost every night when I never felt Katies.

Friday, October 12, 2007

At the Park

We went to the park two different days this week and Katie had a blast. We found out that she loves the swings. Day one we had Scottie with us so we got some pictures. She was running on the concrete and ended up with a bruise on her noggin. Day two there were about 25-30 mile an hour winds and she was chasing leaves like crazy. She would pick them up and show them to me then they would fly out of her hands and off she would go. She followed the same leaf for about 15 minutes. It was fun to watch!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mama's little helper

Katie loves helping with chores around the house. She will pull all of the dishes out of the dishwasher when I am loading. She will, put her toys away with me but I thought this was too cute. She sits on the kitchen table to help me cook. Lately we have made banana bread, brownies, and egg rolls together. Not to mention the apple juice. Thought you might enjoy the pictures.