Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breaking a record...

Welcome to post #4 ... ever ... give or take. But I don't recall ever posting twice in a row - either I'm a posting nut - or Tiffany has more important things on her mind - or brewing inside her belly. I just got done reading a blog about a 3 year anniversary from one of my best friends and his wife who has become a really good friend, Mark and Bekah Gardner. She wrote the blog because I don't think he knows it exists - but what man really knows the blogging world?

Anyway, Bekah wrote about their relationship and it got me thinking at 12:06 am about my relationship with Tiffany. Right now she's sleeping behind me, or as close as she can be to sleeping with a baby kicking the inside of her ribs and Katie spooning with her. As of six minutes ago she is 34 weeks and 2 days along in the pregnancy. For all those returned missionaries out there - one transfer left and we'll get our little Megan or Abby or Lindsay or whatever else we come up with when we see her.

Katie's new place to relax.

Paul's version of Katie's new lounge area.

Tiffany's life doesn't get a lot of praise right now, so I'll attempt to do a little praising for her. Katie pooped today in the toilet. What? You say you do that all the time? Good for you, you can have a sticker just like her. But for this 2 1/2 year old pooping in the toilet and not in Jasmine or Arial or Belle, (She has Disney princess panties) that's a big deal. Once Tiffany got back from helping my sister Leslie in Utah, she went all out with potty training Katie. It's been great. She has her just-in-case panties (Pull-ups) and last night she woke up dry. So she has that down really well and knows when she needs to go. Today she was able to hold "it" until we got home from a little outing to the mall.

Throwing rocks into the river while camping - 2 stints of 2 hours. Wow!

You can never get enough popcorn - proof that these children are mine.

So accomplishment #1 Potty training Katie. I know starting to list things by number will get me in trouble if there is only one - so I'll have to be creative.

Just helping carry in the groceries.

We only buy the highest quality TP - from reputable companies.

Accomplishment #2 She is such a good mom that she can read an entire book in 2 days while watching two kids! Yeah, I know I didn't think it could be done either. I introduced her to the Ender's Game series - both sides of it. She can't put the books down.

She is a spiritual giant. She is well educated with when it comes to gospel topics. She also knows her stuff when it comes to listening to promptings - I make sure I stay close to her because when I don't I can get lost - figuratively speaking.

My sleeping habits are a little erratic I go to bed late - now 12:14 - and wake up late - today 9:00. She stays awake as long as she can at night - 6:47 pm - just kidding - but then gets up with the kids in the morning. I hope I don't reveal too much about me to where you don't think I do anything around here, but know this, I do just enough to look busy. :)

We have to take Katie and Paul to the temple grounds at least once a week so they can kiss the temple. If we don't they are very upset.

The fountain is the first place they always go. Katie threw a rock in during our last visit - I didn't let her make a wish.

Anyway, accomplishment #43 Tiffy can tell the difference between when I am sarcastic and when I am serious. Don't underestimate the difficulty of this. This is something I pride myself in - telling what I am really saying when I am talking is no easy thing, but after knowing each other for 4 years now - and dating just a little bit less than that - she's on the top of that mountain.

I know when I post no one comments or even reads everything and that's fine - that's probably because you saw that I wrote it and figured nothing would be accomplished by reading it, and I agree with you. I usually write for myself. This time it's for you Tiffany. I love you in ways that would make even my closest friends uncomfortable. Ya, I know that's a lot, and by the way you're smiling right now you obviously understand how serious of a statement that is.

Boise Temple - and yes, I took it.

And just to break up the reading - pictures! For those who find my writing less than enjoyable - bland or wordy consider them as eye candy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Once in a while....

Every other moon or so I muster up the courage and write on this thingy, our family blog. It's usually about the Jazz, but since they are giving me nothing to write about, thanks to the no good, lousy Lakers, I must write about something else.

So, I will write about me. For the past week I've been home alone. Tiffany thought it would be good if we took a break for awhile and tried living with other people. And I think this time away from each other has worked. She took the kids and moved down to Utah to live with my sister. I've slept in my bed alone. The timing of this was perfect since Tiffany went down to Utah the day after my sister had her baby. Imagine the timing. But this time apart has really taught me several things, most of which is how much I miss my wife and kids.

Are you confused yet? Did you think that Tiffany has spent the last week in Utah for any other reason beyond helping my sister out while she recovers from giving birth? Well, if you thought that it's just your imagination. We're doing great. I've had the chance to read a lot of books and really do whatever I want. Especially eating out more than I should. :) Sorry Tiffy.

If you've read any of my previous posts you probably recall that I mostly waste your time with words that just go in a circle. Words that really don't come to any point. You just read and then think to yourself - Why did I just read that? What was his point?

Well, today is your lucky day. My whole point of posting is to bring this video below to your attention. What's ironic is that being in the news I am trained to give you the most important information up front - right at the beginning. Completely opposite of the way I write on these blogs. I enjoy this way a lot more.

Anyway, I've digressed way too much.

The video below is the story I did on Saturday May 9, 2009. I got a call in our newsroom from a surgeon at St. Luke's Children's Hospital in Boise. The conversation was simply. He told me he had a kid about to go into surgery who has a pencil that went through the back of his mouth and almost out the back of his head. He then asked me how long it would take me to get to the hospital so I could cover it. Needless to say we were there pretty quick.

I must warn you some of the pictures are a little graphic, or rather shocking, but they weren't the worst ones we had.

I hope you enjoy what I think is one of the best stories I've ever done.

And, as always, go Jazz!