Saturday, September 17, 2011

Family Fun

This summer has been FULL of exciting things. The kids are growing up and we are just happy to be together. We got to go to the fair, visit Utah multiple times, go up to Spokane, go to the swimming pool almost EVERYDAY this summer. Katie and Paul both learned how to swim. Megan still proclaims that she HAS to wear her floaty because she sinks. Scott took a trip to Texas with college friends. And Ellie is growing up so fast. She is rolling over back to front and front to back...she scoots in circles and backwards (hasn't figured out moving forward yet) and she is sitting up on her own. I love when the kids start doing things on their own. I know I am forgetting some things but needless to say we have been staying very busy.

Now that fall has come we are starting to settle back into everyday life. Since we aren't gone all of the time I have really potty trained Megan and she is doing great. Katie has started a little dance class and I am doing Preschool with the kids a few times a week. Scott on the other hand is busy at work.

I will try to post more often now. Because I realize I am missing chunks of time from my memory. This is what I have as a history of what we have been up to.