Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guess What?

We went to the doctor's office this week and found out that everything is great! We also found out that we are having a baby Girl!!!

Half way there...half way to go. I'll tell you one thing I NEVER thought I would be counting down the days before I was 3 months pregnant but I have been counting down for about 3 months already. It's definitely been the hardest pregnancy of them all. We are due in the middle of April.

Tell us what you think...these are the names that we like


That is not in any particular order but there you have it. We are having baby number four and we are super excited about it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Feeling Good

I have had one of those weeks where it seems like I can do anything.

The house has been clean for a few nights. I have accomplished TONS of things and it has just been one of those weeks when I feel like I have done something, ANYTHING really.

I haven't taken pictures of everything that I've done but I am going to post the last thing I did. I have wanted one of those storage cubbies for all of my kids toys for a long time. And we happened to have a bookshelf with only one shelf on it. So what did I do you ask? I took a hand saw and trust me I should have definitely used something else now that I am finished and looking back but hey I got it done. Anyway I took the handsaw and cut up that bookshelf and turned it into this....

Now all I need to do is go and find the little canvas bins to put into it. So if anyone knows where I can find them for pretty inexpensive I would love to know.